Saturday, 13 July 2013

I've Graduated! - to Minimalist Running Shoes

I was born in the fall.  In my family, growing up, we usually got a new pair of shoes to start off the new school year.  And with my birthday being in early September (9/11 is a famous date, but not because of me!) I often got new shoes then.
My mom said I would walk around looking at my feet, enjoying my new shoes.   Well, some things don't change much.  I got some new shoes the other day and sure enough I walked around the house all morning admiring my new shoes! And trying them out to make sure I really like them.
They are a little different as they are minimalist running shoes.  I tried the barefoot toe shoes in the store but had a hard time getting them on. Maybe I will graduate to those one day after I use these for a while.  When I tried these ones on my feet were instantly happy.  I can take the insole out if I want them to be neutral but for now I will keep the insole in for the little bit of cush it provides (4mm to be precise).
I went shoe shopping with my son, my youngest, because he has been using barefoot shoes for some time now.  He plays varsity baseball and is studying with the Chek Institute to become a certified exercise coach.  So he has been researching shoes for a while now and I respect his opinion.

Here they are....aren't they cute?  Brooks PureDrift.  Love them.  Lots of room for the toes.

And the side view.  Very light.  Very awesome.  
I had a really awesome work out today because of my happy feet.  True story.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wet Felted Playscape - The Story of Baby Bear

Once upon a time deep in the forest lived a Mama bear and her Baby bear.

The forest was a beautiful place for Baby bear to live and play.  His best friend was Racoon, and their best game was Hide and Seek.  Racoon was such a good hider that Baby bear had trouble finding him sometimes.

Moose and Buck lived in the forest too and Baby bear would see them in the distance eating leaves and grass.

One night baby bear was in his cave with his Mama.  Mama said it was time to sleep but baby bear was not tired.  "Hush baby bear", said Mama, "can you hear Wolf outside howling at the full moon?"

"Hoooowwlll," cried Wolf to the moon, again.  "Hush Baby Bear, the snow is falling and it is time for us to sleep".  But Baby bear could not sleep.  "I'm so hungry," whimpered Baby bear.  Mama bear sighed a big sigh and took Baby bear outside.

She rolled over a big log and found Baby Bear some ants and bugs to eat.  Back into the cave they went and they tried to settle into sleep.  Wiggle, jiggle, wiggle, jiggle moved Baby bear.  "Mama, I'm thirsty," whispered Baby bear.  Mama sighed a big sigh and took Baby Bear outside to the stream.

 Baby bear had a long drink of icy, cold water.  On the way back to the cave Mama bear pointed up to the sky.  Baby bear saw millions of shiny stars and a huge white ball.  "Mama, I want to play with that ball," said Baby bear.  "It's the moon, Baby bear, and it stays up in the sky all night long.  It lights the way for all the night time travellers."  Mama had an idea.

  She rolled some of the freshly fallen snow into a ball.  She rolled it to Baby bear.  Here Baby bear, here is a moon ball for you.  Baby bear was so happy he asked his Mama if he could take his moon ball to their cave.  "Yes you can," said Mama. Soon Mama bear and her Baby bear were all snug in their cave.  Mama bear sang a little song to her Baby bear and soon he was fast asleep.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Old Guy

At the facility where I work out, there is a lovely view of the outdoor track.  As I am jogging (or walking) along on the treadmill I can watch all the happenings down below.  I love when there is a soccer game or when the BC Lions training camp is going on.  The time just flies and before I know it 30 minutes has passed by and I have been so preoccupied people watching I have hardly felt any pain at all!  Today as I was walking along I saw a group of people on the right side of the track sprinting and stretching.  On the left side of the track was a beautiful young athlete who plays for the University basketball team.  She is strong and fast and flexible and young.  Then right in the center of the field my eyes were drawn to an old guy.  A really old guy.  As in really wrinkly and stiff and old.  He struggled to get down on the turf but when he did he stretched this way and that.  He has obviously been at this a while because he had a large repetoire of exercises.  Then he stood up and I could see that he had trouble walking.  Then to my astonishment he started to jog, slowly, carefully, with determination across the field.  I think my mouth might have dropped open, and my eyes welled up with tears because, well, I am an ISFJ, what can I say?  I was just so inspired.  Inspired to keep exercising when I least feel like it, push myself a little harder, keep moving because I can.  Inspired to not take my health for granted.  

I figure if I keep it up, one day not too far off from now I could look like this....

Hot Summer Days

With the on-set of nice hot summer days we have taken to eating lighter.  I recently pinned this delicious looking salad and then decided to make it.

You can find the recipe here at Iowa Girls website. 

I have to say that it was truly amazing!  So amazing that we had it four times in one week!  Yes, four times.  We did alter it slightly according to what we had in the fridge.  For example, one time my hubby grilled steak and also the vegies. He then sliced the steak into very thin slices before adding it to the salad.  It is one of those meals that leaves you satisfied at the end....and a little smug! 

After all, I really regret eating healthy today......said no one ever!