Friday, 6 January 2017

The Tree Re-Purposed.

We found the most beautiful Christmas tree ever this year.  I'm pretty sure I say that every year, but this year was different.  This year was the first time in a long time that we got to go and find one in our forest.  

We wanted our grand-daughter to experience the fun of finding a tree just like her mom has done in years past.  It was memory making and quality family time stuff.

We have no shortage of trees on our land and it is healthy for the forest to cull them.

We didn't have to look too far.  In fact, we found a beauty merely ten feet from our back door.

Our son chopped it down.

Trees have a way of looking smaller when they are tucked into the forest.  This one had to be cut top and bottom.  Even then it was a good eight or nine feet tall.  We all helped to decorate it and admired it for many days.  And then it was time for all the family to head back to their homes, to work and school.

We tucked all the decorations away until next year and my hubby stood the tree up outside in the snow and I got the idea to use it in a different way.  To re-purpose it for a time.

 I got some supplies together and got to work.

I did look up some ideas on the internet and this is what I came up with based on what I had on hand.

I made a bird feeder like this one for the toddler yard years ago.  We had so much fun filling and refilling it together.

I hope the birds come and partake of the feast I laid out for them.

Another way I hope to re-purpose our tree is by making tree cookies for the children to play with.

You can read more about how I made some in the past RIGHT HERE.

Happy New Year to you all.  Thanks to those who follow this little blog.
All the best this year and I hope you enjoy many new adventures and blessings!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Year, New Room

I have been interested in daycare room design for a while now.  I worked in a toddler room and sometimes the infant room for the last five years and then my hubby and I moved away.  But while I worked there I was always thinking about room design.  I would often sneak into the 3-5 rooms, we had two, and check out all their cool ideas as well.

I am not interested in room design, just for the sake of room design.  I am interested in it because the Educators and children kind of live in the daycare room (s) all week, all month, all year.  As an Educator, I need to feel comfortable in the space and as I observe the children in the space I know they need to as well.  Bottom line, needs must be met in order for optimum harmony and learning and co-habitation.

A lot of thought needs to go into how a room is set up.  How does the traffic flow?  How do areas get defined?  How much space do the children need to move around in any given area?  What are the children interested in learning?  Is it too stimulating?  Is it beautiful and welcoming?  

My old co-worker and lead teacher in one of the 3-5's room recently sent me some pictures of their new room arrangement.  This staff team meet every Thursday while the children are resting.  They have tea in special mugs.  They sometimes have something special to eat. That is called Educator self-care.  And they talk about the children and the room and how to meet their needs.  They are great at what they do.  They are thoughtful and creative and hard-working.  

Maybe as you browse through these pictures and look at details you will be inspired in some way.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Purler Beads and Pyjamas

We are so fortunate that some of our kids were able to come home for Christmas this year.  Our daughter and son in law who live furthest away were not able to come.  We were sad about that but realize that it just doesn't work out sometimes for us all to be together.  She works in the Human Services field and there are people to look after 24/7.  I am hearing rumors that they may come in February though and that is something special to look forward to.

 Now that all the cleaning has been completed in our home in the country, that we have returned to after six years, we can move all the furniture into the rooms.  I had so much fun making the bedrooms cozy for everyone.

Somehow some cold germs crept into our home and heads and lungs this holiday.  It has slowed things down a bit but that is not necessarily a bad thing either.  

Our first order of business when the kids arrived was to tromp through the forest to find the best Christmas tree ever!  Ten feet from our back door was a beauty.

Our son was pretty excited to chop it down.

A little off the top and a lot of the bottom.

This girl found the perfect, tiniest tree that she got to decorate in her own way.

Everyone helped with the decorating.

I enjoyed finding ornaments that have been stored for the last six years.
I also dug out the little village that all of my kids helped paint when they were young.  

Ah, sweet memories.

One Sunday I drove out to bake cookies with an old friend and her daughter.  We baked and baked, traded some cookies, and just like that Christmas baking was done.  It was really fun doing it with friends, I must say.

Here is the library area for my grand-daughter to enjoy.

I'm learning to crochet and in between cooking food and washing dishes and playing hockey or soccer with little girl, I sneak up and knit a row or two.  So far I can only make rows and I'm working on keeping the edges nice and neat.

The snow has fallen in abundance on our mountain, and most days we find ourselves outside playing as energy permits.  Sledding, snowman building, angel making and rough housing!  
Lots of belly laughing ensues!

On any given day, family can be found in numerous comfy corners, resting, reading, recuperating and playing with purler beads in pyjamas.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Nostalgia and Wistful Thoughts Today.

Our intense cleaning is done. Until we have to clean again, because wishing with all your might that the cobwebs will stay away, doesn't mean they will.  The good part is that now we can clean little bits at a time instead of the entire house at once.

And for me the fun of dusting off old treasures from the storage room begins. I feel nostalgic as each item has certain memories that are attached.

I am emotional also because I am tired.  I am emotional because a lovely family we know has lost their beloved, young 19 year old son, tragically.  I am emotional because sometimes I struggle living in a beautiful house and having beautiful belongings.  Like I'm not sure I deserve to have.  I struggle having when many don't have.  

My thoughts run deep and heavy these days.  

It's a snowy, winter day outside and so inside I am trying to create comfy corners.  Places where company can come and relax and visit.  Corners where I can think and ponder and be creative.

This is what I found in my storage room today. Table cloths from sisters.  Candle holders.

Come over for a bowl of soup sometime.  You will be welcome to sit around our table.  A table my brother made when he was in high school and the same table my hubby D renovated many years later and added the benches.  My mom has had this table in her kitchen since I was very young.

I love doilies.  They are part of a dying art.  

My hubby D built this tea wagon when he was 14.  That makes it vintage!  I love it.

These items were bought in Israel.  We went on a trip there many years ago.  The amazing thing to me was that family friends took us.  As in financed the trip for us.  As well they gave us a handful of film to take as many pictures as we wanted and some spending money.  This little tea set is special because of their generosity.  The wooden camels come from Bethlehem.

This is our little common area upstairs where we relax in the evening.  It gets all cozy up there from the wood stove heat.

I have so much to be thankful for.  

I want to be intentionally generous this season.  I will think of ways to share.  I will try my best to be kind, to listen well, to feel the pain of others, and help them carry their heavy load.